KIT Supplies & Services is an international supplier of industrial equipment and spare parts. Our company specializes on importing equipment from all over the world to Russia and CIS. Most of the equipment we supply requires Russian or Customs Union certificates, translation of the manuals & datasheets and other background work in order to be imported correctly. Any complex equipment imported to Russia should also have an official technical passport of equipment that can be issued by KIT Supplies & Services as well.

KIT Supplies & Services operates in oil & gas, food processing, mining, power, engineering and chemical industries. KIT works with end users to get detailed information regarding required equipment so we could find the best solution for a customer. Our reliable customers are Lukoil, GazProm, Renault, WTC and other major companies.
KIT Supplies & Services is a trademark, legal name according to the company charter is “INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT”, LLC.


Ivana Babushkina 16A str, Moscow, Russia, 117292